Eco House Project 2011~2014

This section aims to document the building of a low impact (eco-friendly) house in Shiga, Japan. This means designing and building a house in a way that minimises the amount of embedded energy (resources) used in building, and then heating, cooling and maintaining the building once it is finished.

Most of the information on our plans for the house are in the
Key Features section. So far these include:

Local and/or recycled wood
Compost toilet
Triple-glazed windows
Grey-water recycling and rainwater capture (harvesting)
Solar PV
Solar water heater
Air-source heat pump
Wood stove
Materials: recycled, non-hazardous, or otherwise low impact alternatives
Highest performance floor, wall, and roof insulation
Green (living) roof
Wind turbine
Kitchen Pantry

Updates on the project will be included in the blog and photo galleries.